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The official Hon CaMHack

Cam distance / easy deny with some more features.

After month of testing, the public release is now out, check the left section to download it.

How does it works ?

Run hon, run the injector whenever.

Type ".commands" in chat or in game to see the commands. To use a command type "." followed by the command, for example to turn easy deny off type ".easydeny 0". There's a settings file too (.settings shows your current settings, .savesettings saves these to the file). Any text you submit with a leading "." won't actually be sent obviously.

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See Camera Hack on YouTube!

HoN Camera Hack
on YouTube!

See Camera Hack on YouTube!

Latest Works


07/29/11: Revenant patch update.

Working on a new CamHack, old one is not working anymore. Stay tuned, Sorry for the inconvenience


06/05/11:Flux patch update. Changed the signature for one of the cam distance patches so it won't get broken by struct offset changes.


Current features:

-MaxCamDistance: Set the maximum camera distance (default 2200).
-AnyCamDistance: Zoom out to any distance, max cam distance is ignored.
-EasyDeny: Right click deny, checks if unit is deniable so you don't get the stopping hero bug.
-MusicVolume: Lowers Winamp volume a certain amount when someone is speaking through the voice chat.
-LowerVolumeMultiplier: How much (% of current volume from 0 to 1) to lower Winamp volume by.
-PrintSentGamePackets: Display sent game packets (in hex).
-LogSentGamePackets: Log sent game packets to a file (saved as SentPackets.txt in whatever folder CaMHack is in).

Old ChangeLog:

25/03/11: Fixed to work with Temble patch.
26/02/11: Updated clip distance pattern to work with Aluna patch.
12/02/11: Updated structs to stop easydeny crashing.
05/02/11: Fixed an issue with shadows not showing.


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